Body Beautiful Bootcamp meets Enhance Your Nutrition

Body Beautiful Bootcamp joins Enhance Your Nutrition to become the only one-day Bootcamp to incorporate Military Physical training and Marisa Peer’s world renowned lecture! Marisa Peer, famous psychotherapist and hypnotist has trained Kate to deliver this lecture from her best selling book:  You Can be Thin.

Train with Rob in the morning and achieve:  Fat loss, weight loss and body toning
Improved heart and lung function
Increased speed and stamina
Increased muscle strength
Improved energy levels
Improved posture
Improved flexibility
Lower blood pressure

Circuit training in a group environment is also great fun and psychologically rewarding. No matter what your fitness level you can really push yourself in the knowledge that.

Enjoy a delicious and healthy lunch followed by Kate’s nutritional talk and Marisa Peer’s lecture. You will understand why so many of the foods we eat are making you so ill, unable to exercise and stopping you from losing weight!   Learn how to stop cravings. Stop thinking about diets and learn strategies that change attitudes and beliefs surrounding foods.

One day Bootcamps are currently held on Wednesday's and Friday's at Cobham Rugby Club
Please contact Kate for more details:  07973 302 269 or or

Body Beautiful Bootcamp meets Beyond the Gym in Norfolk

Jane Sebburn

Workshops in beautiful Market Harborough, Norfolk, with Kate and Jane Sebburn, personal fitness trainer.

Whether you the need is to reduce weight, get fit or develop a firmer and leaner body, help is at hand to guide you into reaching your desired goal.  Having been enthusiastically involved in the fitness industry for 20 years as both a personal trainer and later on as a classical Pilates teacher, Jane has dedicated both her knowledge and skills into successfully encouraging people to exercise - and enjoying what they are doing!

Jane says "it is a much easier task if you find something you like doing rather than something you dislike doing. One of the main reasons people drop out of exercise is because they don't enjoy it enough. There is a field of fitness out there without taking a trip to the gym.  In fact some of the best workouts are when there is absolutely no eqiupment used"  Janes continued inspiration has moved her through the trends of exercise, working alongside physiotherapists, chiropractors and power walking including staging fitness events for Richard Branson.

"Exercise should be achievable and fun" says Jane. "Once you've learned how to do a certain exercise properlym it will boost your confidence and you start looking forward to your workout. Understanding why we exercise and what prevents us and making the right choice."

The day is split between exercising with Jane and nutritional talks with kate.
Contact Kate for further information and dates.

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