Therapies Available

Therapies Available:

Nutrtitional Therapy and how it can help you: Almost any health condition can be improved, and many can be prevented with optimum nutrition. Enhance Your Nutrition will look at your health problems, diet, and lifestyle and suggest recommendations to improve your health by helping you to make positive changes to your diet, lifestyle and exercise levels. Supplementation may be recommended.


EAV (Electro Acupuncture according to Voll) Looks at the energetic evaluation of organs, glands and tissues in order to identify those which are under or over functioning and therefore affecting health overall. Electrical resistance of acupuncture points are measured which correspond to various internal structures of the body


Scenar Therapy (Self Controlling Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulation) is used to help correct energy flow in acupunture meridians. Direct application over organs i.e. thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, etc. Pain relief, relaxation of stiff and/or tight muscles. Central Nervous System balancing and realignment. Scenar assists in normalising metabolic processes, increasing adaptive ability of the body and reducing recovery time from injury, infection and trauma. (contra indications are cardiac pacemakers and other electrical implants.


All the above treatments can be used on their own, with others and collectively.


Hair testing(DNA): The Integral Health Hair analysis uses each strand of your hair, genetically examining the DNA at the root. Causes of your symptoms and food intolerances which are personal to you are defined.

6-8 strands of hair is all that is needed.



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